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What Do Goldfish Eat in the Wild?

Goldfish are a species of beautiful freshwater fish, that belong to the carp family. Goldfishes are carps, though carps come in a variation of colors, certain mutations and environmental factors have caused the goldfishes to look like they are now, the bright orange color. Goldfish have been a pet to humans for a long time.… Read More »

Should Guinea Pigs Eat Pellets?

Is Pellets Necessary In Guinea Pigs Diet? Grab The Complete Guide Here!!! Guinea pig is one of the trending pet options to have these days. It is wonderful for one to have them as you aren’t required to bother a lot for them. Unlike traditional pets, they are quiet, non-disturbing, cool to play with and… Read More »

How Do You Fix a Hamster Water Bottle?

Looking for the best water dispenser for hamsters ? We all know how important water is to maintaining a healthy body, and the same goes for the health of your furry friends. As dehydration can have such a severe impact on your hamster – sometimes fatal – it is essential to invest in a bottle… Read More »