Should Guinea Pigs Eat Pellets?

Is Pellets Necessary In Guinea Pigs Diet? Grab The Complete Guide Here!!!

Guinea pig is one of the trending pet options to have these days. It is wonderful for one to have them as you aren’t required to bother a lot for them. Unlike traditional pets, they are quiet, non-disturbing, cool to play with and harmless. Guinea pig owner is pretty much satisfied with them due to less hassle of petting them.

We are here assisting you in learning more about them, especially regarding their feeding.  It is perfect for guinea pig owner to be selective and aware regarding their diet for feeding them right that further results in good health of guinea pig so if you are also hassling with an optimal diet of guinea pig and pondering if pellets are a good option for them or not then continue reading article until the end.

Are pellets necessary?

Should Guinea Pigs Eat Pellets?

Well, many of you have heard about pellets popular food for guinea pig it is a store packed food that is good to go with them. However, fresh foods such as fruits and veggies are considered the best guinea pig food for the good health of the pet. These are good for the pet due to fibre included in them, but you should better consider a tiny amount of high-quality pellets only to feed your pet with.

What should the diet of guinea pig include?

Setting the right diet of pets isn’t an easy task to tackle. It can be much confusing for one to understand which one is the right thing to be added to their diet? So let us break it down we are here mentioning the guide for an accurate diet of guinea pig.

Green veggies & fruits:

It is convenient for one to understand the importance of green leafy vegetables and other veggies for them. One should surely feed their guinea pig with fruits & veggies occasionally. It is optimal for the guinea pig to feed veggies and fruits such as blueberries and many others for better growth of guinea pig. Also, note the fact that you shouldn’t be feeding them with it every day as it can be expensive and these should be treated like candies into their diet.


Another in the listing we have hay that is an important component into the diet of guinea pig. Hay is fibrous for them and also helpful for consistent eating due to ever-growing of teeth. Hay is helpful for completing the diet of guinea pig, and it is reliable for them all day long.


Should Guinea Pigs Eat Pellets?

You should be considerate of pellets that are of high quality as that are the best guinea pig food that they are feeding with. A tiny portion of pellets should be given to guinea pig for completing their diet. When buying for pellets then consider only those that are especially for the guinea pig. If you get the incorrect one that can cause an adverse effect on them due to the differentiation of species.

Mineral water:

Diet is incomplete without mineral water. Well, you have seen a bowl of water kept into the cage of guinea pig for their hydration. It is better for you to deal with mineral water only instead of non-mineral water. If you want guinea pig to drink more water, then it would be optimal for you to provide the mineral water as it is good in taste and they would eventually drink it more.

Vitamin C tablets:

Vitamin C is a necessary thing into their diet as they lack in vitamin C and cannot fulfil it on their own. If you feel like that food you are providing to guinea pig isn’t fulfilling vitamin deficiency, then it is better to go for the vitamin C tablets occasionally. You can also seek the assistance of physician for it.

Hence, these are the basics of guinea pig’s diet that owner should be aware of for better health of their pet.

Avoid calcium-rich food for guinea pig!!

Should Guinea Pigs Eat Pellets?

You should be considerate regarding the diet that you are providing your guinea pig. One should understand that you should avoid calcium-rich food from guinea pig’s diet as it can cause an adverse effect on their bladder. The guinea pig has good enough source of calcium, so it is better for you not to provide them as it all get the result in making their bladder bigger nothing else.

If you keep feeding calcium into their diet, then it will further result in bladder stones that can be only treated with surgery. Although surgery isn’t really successful for every guinea pig, so it is better to avoid calcium from their diet for proper handling of the guinea pig.

Important note: although you have taken good information regarding guinea pig diet here is an important note regarding it that you should keep in check. One should surely provide vitamin C capsules or tablets instead of adding drops of vitamin liquid into their water. When you practice adding on vitamin drops, then it changes the taste of water then guinea pig avoid drinking water. However, it is important for the guinea pig to flush out toxins from their body and water is the ultimate regime for flushing them out. So if you practice to add vitamin drops to water and skipping of water by guinea can lead to adverse effects on their bladder, causing harm to them.

The final judgment

In the final judgment, we can say that it would be a better option for one to include a tiny section of pellets to the diet of guinea pigs. Additionally, be considerate regarding getting them a heterogeneous diet that includes different foods so that guinea pig find it tasty to eat. Another thing that we came to know that along with good food you should also get guinea pig mineral food that is helpful for them. It is perfect for you to understand the importance of a good diet of your pet for keeping optimal health of guinea pig. You can be considerate about details stated above for choosing the right diet for your guinea pig.